Phase 1: Corporate Evaluation/Corporate Establishment


Guardian is one of the best when it comes to Corporate Funding and Corporate Credit. Our CEO and his team have over 20 years in the Corporate Funding arena. The process is very simple and we lay it out step by step. You’ll notice that many of our business services are a product of the Funding process. To properly get a Company funded we typically run into many obstacles before actually getting a business funded. From many years of solving those issues we’ve become very knowledgeable and aware of the same existing problems. Many clients have bad credit and no business credit. In addition to this many have entity issues that need to be resolved. Guardian can fix the problems or we have ways to take you around those problems. We are basically your funding tour guide. We will take you through the process until the end when you get funded.

We don’t get paid unless you do. If you seek funding then please contact a Guardian Consultant today.

Phase 1: Corporate Evaluation/Corporate Establishment

Let Guardian Help Your Business Capital.

This is a very niche market that very few Consultants can facilitate from start to finish. At Guardian our team has more than 20 years of experience in Corporate Funding.

A Guardian Consultant will evaluate you current Entity of choice. We will evaluate and review all filings and members associated with this entity since the beginning of its establishment to better understand the most effective approach for funding purposes.

If you don’t have a Corporation or the Entity you have chosen is not up to Guardian standards we have several options when assisting you in the process of purchasing a new Corporation for funding purposes. We have access to Corporations for sale from many demographics across the Country. These Corporations will also have a variety of different established dates to better fit your needs. Most of them will be over 3yrs old and could range from 3k to 25k. Please speak with a Guardian Consultant for details.