Professional Email and Fax Services

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Guardian has a huge Network when it comes to Business Solutions. Our relationships and expertise in dealing with multiple entities and multiple Industries will ensure you receive the best deals possible. Your business is forever growing and changing. So is technology and so is the way things are done in business. Guardian has all the tools necessary to help you grow your business and stay in the now of what’s working in Business. If we don’t have a solution you are looking for Guardian can have it built for you. If you need help with your business just give us a call. Consultations are always Free.

Professional Email and Fax Services

Your Presence In The Market Is Everything.

Every Business needs a good professional email to communicate with their customers. There are many Free Email Service Providers like Gmail and Yahoo but in order to present a more professional look we recommend you invest in an Email that is associated with a Website for your Business. You don’t need to build the Website in order to get the professional Email you desire you just need to purchase the Domain and you can build the Website at a later date when you’re ready.

By purchasing the Website for your business you get to create the email of your choice associated with your website and your business. A good example would be [email protected] or [email protected] . Notice how it lets the customer visually see that they are dealing with a more legitimate business who takes pride in everything they do. By doing this you have secured your position on the Web for your business and given the appearance of a more reputable Company to do business with. In addition to having a professional email every business should have a fax line for the business.
We recommend that you setup an efax because they are very in-expensive and don’t require any equipment or a phone line to operate. It’s completely web based and can be managed via the internet from any computer using a login and password. Not to mention it saves a lot of money on ink and paper since many faxes we receive don’t actually need to be printed as much as they need to be documented and stored. With an efax you can print only the faxes you need and save the rest in the cloud or on the desktop of your computer. If you need help with these services please fill out the contact form and one of our Consultants will contact you as soon as possible.


Let Guardian Help With All Your Business Needs.
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For many businesses it's very difficult to adapt to change and in today's business world things are forever changing and changing very fast. Technology can be a very difficult thing to comprehend and so can filling out paperwork and finding the best deals for your business possible. At Guardian if we can't save you money,time, or trouble then we shouldn't be charging you to become a client and join our network. That's the benefit of working with Guardian. It's like having a Guardian Angel at your side making sure you get the best that's out there and at the best prices available. In many cases Guardian will practically be giving away money to your Company by providing additional access to resources that you've never had insight to. We are constantly adding to our Network to bring Guardian Clients the best products and services in the market today. Having someone by your side to walk you through the process with many of the products and services we offer is priceless to begin with. Contact a Guardian Consultant today if you are need help with anything for your business. We do it all!