Auto Industry Solutions

Guardian and its chosen partners have created a One Stop Shop for all your Automotive Needs. In the Auto Industry you will need money to purchase vehicles, creative financing to sale your vehicles, warranties to protect your vehicles, mechanic financing to repair the vehicles, and much more.

Guardian can help with all your Auto Business needs.

Flexible Lending Programs (Sub-Prime & Below Sub-Prime)

What is Flexible Lending Programs???  These are non traditional loans that differ from a traditional Banks requirements whereas we have lenders that offer non secured loans that may or may not require Guarantors and that offer interest rates based on credit scores of the borrower that range from scores as low as 550 and above. These flexible lending programs are essential to staying competetive and growing your business.


Inventory Floor Planning and Funding (New & Used)

For both New Car franchise Stores as well as the Independent Used Car Dealer’s. We (A to Z Auto dealer Solutions) offers a wide range of inventory funding programs that vary from providing lines of credit to dealers that may require security or may not and some offer No Monthly payments for up to 90 days or when the vehicle is sold and some have No Curtailments required during the first 90 days of funding of each vehicle. We offer many different alternatives as well to standard inventory lending programs That differ greatly from the standard Floor plan programs offered in today’s market.


Dealership Acquisition Financing

We have Special Financing programs for New and Used Car dealerships looking to expand their locations by remodeling for expansion and/or adding new multiple locations. Additionally, we can help by refinancing existing loans for more favorable Interest rates and terms. Schedule a Free Consultation and see what options are available for you and your business.


Used Vehicle Service Agreements (Financeable)

For Used Vehicles with mileage of 150,000 or less. These are fully insured Service Agreements that allow the vehicle purchaser to take their vehicles to any licensed repair facility in the USA and provides “Peace of Mind” to those Purchaser’s for getting covered items repaired. These are underwritten by the family of insurance carriers under Allstate.

Working Capital, Secured and Un-Secured Loans

We have (20) different lenders with (20) different programs related to assisting Dealer’s Both New and Used with Working Capital loans from $25,000 to $10 Million Dollars and Up. Guardian and it's partners have a very unique and proven system for acquiring Capital. We help the un-financeable get financed. Guardian has tools and resources to help you every step of the way. Everything from New Corporations to building your existing Corporations to get them ready for Bank funding. Please view our Corporate Funding Page for more details or to schedule a free Consultation.

Dealership Loans For Building Purchase

Guardian Consulting Group Inc. and it's partners can assist in the process of securing and purhasing a Commercial Property for the purpose of owning and operating a New or Used Car Lot. Negotiating with sellers and finalizing such a large transaction can be a little scary and a little confusing. By letting Guardian assist in the process you always ensure that you have a strong support team who will negotiate with lenders and sellers on your behalf. We will walk you through the whole process as well as help you accomplish your goals at the fairest price point possible.