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The Guardian story is something very unique and something very special. The Founder of Guardian Consulting Group had a vision of one day creating a huge catalyst that filled in the gaps of all the missing pieces that the founder struggled with for several years with his own businesses. In the beginning stages of becoming an Enrepreneur our founder ran into several unexpected obstacles that held him back from achieving his goals. In this day and age you better have lots of cash or very good credit if you ever have dreams of running a successful business. Our founder spent many years struggling to get ahead in his business just like many others. He was tired of seeing others who didn't know much but had the right connections become successful by getting help from others to help start their business. Our founder and many others were more deserving with limited resources so he decided to spend the next 5 years of his career gathering valuable relationships all over the Country to one day create a huge network of solutions that would've come in handy back when he started his first few businesses. Many of these relationships helped catapult his business and the business of many others Nationwide. With Guardian you get Superior products and Superior insight to what's cost effective and working right now. Our Company has saved new and existing business owners Thousands of Dollars in products and services lowering overhead expenses for thousands of businesses. Everything from growing and making money to saving and conserving money. To us a dollar saved is just as good as a dollar made.

At Guardian we are here to serve and assist you in getting the best prices possible for the best services we feel possible. A few of our specialties consist of Corporate Funding and Business Credit. Capital is huge when trying to start or grow a business properly and effectively. Another one of our Premiere products is our Consumer Finance programs to assist in providing payment plans to your customers with minimal risk. We have over 30 lenders that can assist in everything from Good Credit to Bad Credit and even No Credit Check Financing. Not only can we help establish those relationships but we can even automate the consumer application process with several Banks in a single portal at once. Our Business Solutions section is a huge benefit to business owners all over the Country looking to get all the tools they need to accomplish their goals and create their vision. If you own a business and you're struggling with figuring it out then let a Guardian Consultant assist you in the process. It's what we exist for.